Lighting design

Enjoy all Kriladesign creations, (hand)made in Italy, conceived to fulfill any wish and need of furnishing and lighting, thorugh the combination of creativity, tradition and innovation. The design lighting under the sign of Krila brings a unique personality into your spaces, both indoor and outdoor.
The proposals in our catalogue include wall lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps and fixtures for outdoor spaces.

Our products

Lampada personalizzabile ricaricabileMeMe interno ed esterno
Lampada a batteriaLampada ricaricabile
Jive sospensione
sospensione indoor

Our tenacious roots deep into home ground and our eyes aiming at the future,
we devote each of our days to this Mission “Light”; always taking care of our generous
nature and with that born and made in Marche approach, to life and work, which means
being resilient, genuine and ingenious.

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