C60 Table and floor lamp


Collection Fullerene
Manufacture year 2010

Designer: Davide Montanaro

Featuring Kriladesign’s PATENTED natural refraction system

UL certification, all components are UL certified


The Kriladesign products comply with all provisions of the relevant harmonization acts of the Union that apply to the products and include the CE marking.
The devices conform to the applicable harmonized EN standards and meet the essential requirements of the following European directive: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage Directive, Rohs, Ecodesign and energy labelling. Kriladesign equipments comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

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  • 100% MADE IN ITALY design lamps, in the making, in taste, in style
  • our PATENTS, are applied in all products
  • UL certification, all components are UL certified
  • design, an artfully shaped object
  • technology, an exclusive patented system
  • natural, like the sun
  • eco-friendly, non-polluting, respecting Nature
  • customizable, made for your wishes and spaces
  • a reliable mate, lasting over time, cutting consumption and costs

Can an object turn into light? Yes, that’s exactly what happens in a project under the sign of Kriladesign. Our research discovers the ideal combination of material, design and light source aimed at creating exclusive PATENTED systems and technological solutions. What’s amazing? The sensation that light does not come with the ON switch, but the object itself emanates light, naturally, as the sun does.


Led support lamp in transparent / colored pmma

Modules in transparent / colored polymethylmethacrylate.‎

Maximum total power 40W 4000K.‎

Electronic power supply powered by Line voltage 100-240 VAC, 2520lm

Assembly instructions cod.1006


More about Fullerene Collection…

Common denominator? Modularity (hallmark of Kriladesign production); from the basic module, in a natural continuity, all the other models develop.‎ Whether wall, suspension or countertop, each individual lighting system knows how to dialogue with all environments, spreading a sophisticated, light and impact From the flat or height development of the structures to the spheroidal shapes, each idea seems to be an invitation to wander with the imagination .‎.‎.‎ a lattice, a planet or a flower collected on that planet; luminous presences that seem to enclose the infinite space in a room.‎

Informazioni aggiuntive

Dimensioni 19,69 × 19,69 × 15,75 cm