JIVE Pendant


Collection Playground
Manufacture year 2014

Designer: Emilia Burchiani

Featuring Kriladesign’s PATENTED natural refraction system

UL certification, all components are UL certified

Fixture housing made from aluminum and polycarbonate
Diffuser made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)


kriladesign products comply with all the provisions of the relevant Union harmoniosation acts applying to the products, and providing for CE marking. Equinments are in conformity with the applying EN harmonized standards and meet the essential requirements of the following European directive: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage Directive, Rohs, Ecodesign and energy labelling. Kriladesign equipments comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

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  • 100% MADE IN ITALY design lamps, in the making, in taste, in style
  • our PATENTS, are applied in all products
  • UL certification, all components are UL certified
  • design, an artfully shaped object
  • technology, an exclusive patented system
  • natural, like the sun
  • eco-friendly, non-polluting, respecting Nature
  • customizable, made for your wishes and spaces
  • a reliable mate, lasting over time, cutting consumption and costs

Can an object turn into light? Yes, that’s exactly what happens in a project under the sign of Kriladesign. Our research discovers the ideal combination of material, design and light source aimed at creating exclusive PATENTED systems and technological solutions. What’s amazing? The sensation that light does not come with the ON switch, but the object itself emanates light, naturally, as the sun does.

3010. JIVE pendant

Total power consumption 6.5 W
Neutral White (4000 K) LED
600 Lumens
Line voltage 100-240 VAC Frequency 50/60 HZ


More about Plauground collection…

You are never too old to learn…and to play.

Designed by the young talent Emilia Burchiani, from the Marche region, in collaboration with Kriladesign development team. This collection enhances that free and childlike spirit of design, while respectiong the “serious” functionality of fixtures. With this comes a series of lighting fixtures showing no ambition to astonish, but with the warm desire to become part of people’s homes. The plauful names of the elements comprising this collection are: Hula, Jive, Lui and Lei,Dada. This line delivers solutions for any requirements  (cpendant, table or floor). Curves, gentle lines and heart-warming colors let it light speak in its purest expression, with a balance of suggestions inspired by movement from both music and dance. Besides the more classic forms, we offer more whimsical design for those looking for an unusual hint of playfulness in everyday spaces.

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Dimensions 3.8 × 7.3 × 17.8 cm


Net: 2.87 lb Gross: 3.09 lb