FLAT 50 Bollard lamp


Collection Flat
Manufacture year 2014

Designer: Kriladesign

Featuring Kriladesign’s PATENTED natural refraction system

UL certification, all components are UL certified


The Kriladesign products comply with all provisions of the relevant harmonization acts of the Union that apply to the products and include the CE marking.
The devices conform to the applicable harmonized EN standards and meet the essential requirements of the following European directive: Electromagnetic Compatibility, Low Voltage Directive, Rohs, Ecodesign and energy labelling. Kriladesign equipments comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

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Cod. 5007 h 550 mm
Cod. 5008 h 690 mm
Cod. 5009 h 1000 mm

Polycarbonate and aluminum Led column

Polymethylmethacrylate diffuser.‎ D50mm column.‎

Lighting system with monochromatic LEDs total power 8.‎5W.‎

Natural white light (NW) 4000K.‎ 350mA.‎ Electronic ballast powered in 220 / 230V class II mains voltage, 24V 600lm output

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Assembly instructions cod.5008

Assembly instructions cod.5009

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Led steplight in aluminum and PC components – Light in outdoor spaces is a complex project full of elements and variables.‎ Our attention goes to every detail: the robustness and eco-sustainability of the materials, the quality and naturalness of the lighting, the added value of a sober and contemporary design.‎ Last but not least, the safety factor: a product that ensures adequate lighting contributes to the safety of your spaces.‎ Our lighting proposals dedicated to outdoor spaces offer two solutions that they combine form, functionality and durability.‎ The aim is to respond to a central need: to conceive an alternative lighting system, using indirect lighting systems, capable of making the light sensation as close as possible to sunlight, as far as possible from artificiality.‎ Both Kriladesign patented and proprietary systems use a indirectly reflected light, and allow their diffusion and extraction in a uniform way without bright glare.‎

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 100 cm

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Net: 1,8 kg Gross: 2 kg, Net: 2 kg Gross: 2,2 kg, Net: 2,1 kg Gross: 2,4 kg


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