MeMe_1 Battery lamp – wood/pmma


Collection MeMe
Manufacture year 2018

Designer: Davide Montanaro

Fixture housing made from Polymethylmethacrylate elements
opal / trasparent with structure in natural birch wood and pmma
Diffuser made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

Featuring Kriladesign’s patented natural refraction system

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An elegant, intimate and cozy mise-en-scène, a collection with an ultra-contemporary concept that replicates, but is never the same, that changes and changes clothes.This is the new MeMe collection, the result of a perfect synergy between the Kriladesign team and the designer Davide Montanaro. Theu have a LED illuminated heart with a “touch light dimmer” device that diffuses the same natural light of the Sun. Away unconfortable wires that do not allow you to bring light whare you want, a light emanating through a composition of hexagons or colored clothes in neoprene. The collection, versatile and adaptable to different environments, creates cozy atmosphares always in the name of a trendy and studied style.

7001. MeMe_1 Wood/pmma
Total power consumption 3W
Neutral White (4000 K) LED
300 Lumens
Line voltage 100-240 VAC Frequency 50/60 HZ
Rechargeable led lighting system
with 3.7V battery, replaceable at the end of life
Switch for touch dimmer / variator light intensity from 20 to 100% with USB Type-C cable
Autonomy 15h to 20% and 5h to 100%
Charging 5h


Classificazione al fuoco TE Certification

FOX12_X_USB_001865_424884617019444 Certification

MSDS_18PNS01089 03011 Certification

Perspex_Technical_Datasheet-Cell_Cast Certification

PSE Report_17PNS10026 01001 Certification    

Scheda Tecnica Perspex Certification

single layer ZPMV2.E521766 Certification

single layer ZPMV8.E521766 canada Certification

T07994749-UN概要 Certification

T12924716-MSDS Certification

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 26 cm