OLD AGE 90 Ceiling lamp


Collection OldAge
Manufacture year 2017

Designer: Davide Montanaro

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Led suspension lamp in transparent / colored pmma and aluminum – The revisitation includes a design of laser-cut sinuous curves and transparent plexiglass cylinders equipped with a particular diffuser, which recall the idea of ​​the candle.‎ The indirect light that Old Age produces is generated by numerous LEDs with color temperature control.‎
Components in transparent / white / fluorescent pmma and aluminum
Candles from h 80.‎ 5 to h 230.‎5 mm, customizable.‎ 44W-700mA-24V, powered by 220 / 230V mains voltage, adjustable from 3000K to 5700K, 4000lm

The passage of time, the sedimentation of memory, the accumulated wisdom, here are the elements that this project contains and expresses.‎ It is a citation of the classic chandeliers, with curved shapes and on which candles were placed.‎

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Dimensions 90 cm